Āyurveda is the oldest continuously practiced system of medicine in the world. Born in India, it is the sister-science to yoga and offers powerful wisdom on finding wellness by living in alignment with the seasons, understanding our own unique needs, practicing self-care and maintaining mindfulness of the mind & body.


Practitioners of Āyurveda see each individual as unique and can recommend a diet, daily practices and rejuvenative bodywork and herbal formulas based on individual constitution, current state of health, and season. It is incredibly helpful in finding and maintaining balance, support healing in times of disease and gain a deeper understanding of oneself.


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Please note that blossom āyurveda is not a primary care medical clinic. Its practitioners are not doctors

and do not diagnose or treat disease or prescribe medicine. We encourage you to be under the care of a

primary care physician, as the therapeutic services we offer are not substitutes for medical treatment.