Discover tools for life to unlock mental & emotional patterns that are holding you back, live to your fullest potential and embody the light that you are.

During this important collective shift, is it more important than ever to stay connected to our own divine essence. The challenges we are facing on a personal level reflect the lessons we are learning on a global level. Doing our inner work truly affects all beings and facilitates global healing.


It is time to step fully into the light and embody who we truly are - no more waiting. I am here to help you stay rooted in the Heart, connect with your highest wisdom and shift into this new paradigm with grace. Oh, and let go of stress, anxiety, worry... to keep you strong!

Here is a little more about this work:


Ayurvedic Spiritual Coaching is a form of spiritual counseling that gives you an understanding of the influence of consciousness (mind-body interactions), planetary (astrological) and subtle energies (auras, chakras) and spiritual lessons on your overall health and wellbeing. You will learn how these affect emotions, beliefs, patterns, and perceptions that influence your lifestyle choices and relationships. This approach utilizes meditation, energy work, and education on life lessons in order to bring deep understanding and long-lasting positive shifts. 

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