Integrative bodywork combines a variety of modalities to meet the needs of each individual. This is where the wisdom of Ayurveda meets with techniques that treat the musculoskeletal system more specifically.


Meditation supports personal development and health. Join us to connect, expand into consciousness and grow together.

We are so happy to host morning meditation groups to help us grow in consciousness together.

Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays



Live via Zoom

In collaboration with Embodied

The power of meditation grows when practiced in a group setting. In these times of great transformation, it is key to stay grounded and cultivate balance. Join us for this free offering as we create safe space to experience the strength of community and group meditation.

This space is held for practitioners or any type of meditation technique to gather and sit together. We will take 5 minutes to do some simple breathing, sit for a silent meditation for 25 minutes and transition back into life gently. There will be optional time to check in and connect with other practitioners. Meeting will end at 8:45.

If you are interested in learning Heart-Based Meditation, contact Joanie @ or check the Embodied virtual-live schedule.

The Zoom link will be the same for each session, and only valid for this community meditation:

Meeting ID: 481 077 042
Password: 123456

Feel free to join us any day (no need to sign into Embodied each time).