Integrative massage combines a variety of modalities to meet the needs of each individual.

This is where the wisdom of āyurveda meets with techniques that treat the musculoskeletal system more specifically.

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Therapeutic Massage

This therapeutic technique uses specific strokes that target deeper layers of soft tissue, tendons and fascia, facilitating healing and pain relief in the musculoskeletal system. Deep tissue massage is effective in treating chronic muscle tension and injuries, increasing range of motion and can greatly help recover from certain surgeries. Choose between a powerful pain relief āyurvedic oil (Mahanarayan Tailam) or unscented lotion.


60 min $80

75 min $95

90 min $105

Integrative Massage

The intuitive path to your natural healing. Marma therapy (āyurvedic acupressure), energy work and medicated ayurvedic oils are integrated into western massage techniques to relieve pain and facilitate healing and relaxation. Your practitioner will discuss with you the best approach to meet your needs.


60 min $80

75 min $95

90 min $105

Relaxation Massage

Inspired by Swedish massage techniques, this treatment focuses on balancing the nervous system to help relieve stress and its related symptoms. This full body massage helps improve circulation, facilitate tissue rejuvenation, reduce swelling, release toxins and relieve muscular pain. Aromatherapy and herbalized oils may also be used.


60 min $80

75 min $95

90 min $105

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