Joanie Bégin-Morin

My curiosity for healthy living led me to take my first yoga class in my late teens in my native Quebec. I will always be grateful for listening to my intuition that day, as it led me on a phenomenal journey and opened up a whole world of travel and studies of the ancient holistic approaches of Ayurveda, yoga and bodywork. Landing in central Vermont has brought many of my passions together: healthy living, outdoor adventures and strong community. 

I started Blossom Ayurveda in 2017 holding a vision: offering a platform for people to discover how the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga can help all of us find balance in this crazy world. I wanted to offer not only a haven of peace to step away from the stresses of life, but a place one would leave with more tools, energy and trust to create lasting wellbeing for themselves and those around them. As a certified ayurvedic health consultant, massage therapist, yoga instructor, and spiritual coach, it has been so profound to build community with a wide variety of clients and students, seeing the vision come to life!


My approach reflects my way of life: intuitive, grounded, positive and heart-centered. Rooted in the wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga, my offerings also integrate western understandings of musculoskeletal work to help you thrive and feel whole. I bring joy and deep listening to my work, and strive to create a safe and nurturing environment where all are welcome. My diverse background and intuitive guidance helps me meet you where you are at. My classes and one-on-one work explore the themes of self-awareness, spiritual growth and deep, lasting healing. 


I completed my Ayurvedic health practitioner and Ayurvedic Spiritual Counselor certifications through the New World Ayurveda School under Dr. Paul Dugliss, MD. I hold certifications in Massage Therapy from Wellness Massage Insitute, Marma Chikitsa from Dr. Lad's Ayurvedic Institute, Hatha and Ayurvedic Yoga from New World Ayurveda and Shambhava School of Yoga. I am also a teacher of Heart-Based Meditation and an eternal student of Life! 


I also love improvisational dance, spending quality time with my family & friends, meditate in community, cook and play barefoot in the woods (or on a snowboard!)

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